May 092017
Business Lessons from the TITANIC disaster

Business Lessons from the TITANIC disaster Wednesday 27 September 2017 SS Great Britain Great Western Dockyard, Bristol BS1 6TY 9:00am to 5:30pm 105 years ago, at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday, 14th April 2012, the most technically advanced ship of its time hit an iceberg and sank, thus ensuring that its name would become a byword […]

Nov 102016
The ambulance is at the gate, Boss - now what should I do?

This is the nightmare scenario for every company and every manager working in areas such as construction, warehousing, engineering – indeed in any sector where medium to high risk activities are being carried out. Something has gone wrong; an employee has been injured (or maybe even killed); and somebody from management has got to start sorting […]

Nov 102016
The evidence is now clear - ignore health & safety at your peril

I was recently asked by a colleague whether there was any evidence that the Sentencing Guidelines for health & safety offences, which came into effect in February 2016, were actually having an effect. I replied that they were, and pointed to a couple of recent sentencing decisions to reinforce my point. However, since that discussion […]

Nov 092016
Risk v safety: the new £multi-million challenge

Managing the various risks arising from business operations has always been a challenge for company directors in all sectors, but a recent change in the law for England & Wales has changed the risk management landscape significantly. With effect from 1st February 2016 the latest Sentencing Guidelines for health & safety offences allow for the […]

Aug 242016
The Business of Risk

Risk in business is inevitable – in fact it is essential. A business which does not take commercial risks will not grow and a business which does not grow is doomed to decline. Yet, by and large, people in business, as in life, are risk averse, seeking, where possible, to follow the path which provides […]